Our Pet Policy

Please note that pets are allowed to be brought to our farm if they are leashed. Please keep in mind, we have neighborhood dogs that run off the leash and while they’re friendly toward people, we cannot account for their behavior toward other pets.


3 thoughts on “Our Pet Policy

  1. Thank you but I’m still not comfortable with this. Who is going to police this policy in the field? We all know there’s always that one person who is not going to follow the rules. Once is all it takes for a fun outing to turn into an ugly incidence that leads to someone being hurt. It’s a wonderful experience but there are too many variables. Other than a service animal there is no reason for bringing your pet with you picking blueberries.


  2. Thank You!! I was never comfortable picking when people brought their animals. I am an animal lover but no one can tell how one will react to a stranger in a strange place. It also made me think twice about picking with my grandchildren. Thank you for making your fields a safer place for all.


    • I cannot understand why anyone would feel the need to bring their animal when berry picking. Of course, the exception is service animals.


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