We will be opening our fields for picking on Friday July 23, 2021. Your can bring your own picking containers or we sell 4 quart pails for $3.00. Our price per pound is $3.95. Please keep in mind we will possibly be closing the fields randomly for ripening. Please call ahead at 570-226-9702 or check…Read more OPENING DAY FOR PICKING FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2021

Blueberry Lavender Yogurt Pops

Beautiful swirls of barely sweetened blueberries mingle with a tangy yogurt mixture flavored with floral honey and lavender. Reach for regular whole-milk yogurt here instead of Greek yogurt; the texture is looser, and the flavor is richer and less tart. You’ll want to break up the berries as they cook in step 1; whole berries tend to freeze rather hard. To help the pops slide out easily, run hot water over the sides of the mold, being careful not to splash any water inside.